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About us

Company Profile

      Union Looper Co., Ltd., a true integrator who focusing on plastic loop filament technology, has developed versatile product range in diversified applications, such as:

Floor matting  -- door mat, car mat, anti-fatigue mat, yoga mat, logo mat.

Fashionables  -- beach sandal, camping mat, fitness mat, logo mat, decorated mat.

Air / Water filtering -- air-conditioner dust mask, storm water filter system.

Soil water drainage -- golf course drainage system, playground drainage system.

Earth surface fitness -- slope soil reinforcement net.

Body contact cushion -- free-air-flow chair cushion, free-air-flow bed cushion.

More advanced R/D for demanding applications is undergoing, to be updated on this website for your information.


Company History


Company was established with paid-in capital US$ 700,000.

First production line was installed solely for floor mat.


Commercial run started with only 8 market standard colors for matting


Second production line was installed to respond the business growth as well as the needs on diversification.


Launched at least 25 colors vinyl loop, so as to cover the critical requirement by fashionable merchandise, beach sandal for example.


Third production line was installed to physicalize a solid conclusion on cylindrical soil water drainage product. A brand new plastics system was appointed.


Fourth production line began to commercialize air / water filter panel, and soil reinforcement net.


Additional fund was raised to commence subsidiary transplant in China. Total paid-in capital was up to US$ 5,500,000. Same year subsidiary was registered with capital UD$ 1,200,000.


All Mats Co., Ltd. our subsidiary in China, started production for vinyl loop and vinyl foam sheet. Same year, a patent for decorated mat was granted.


Trademark Vortex was filed as own brand for worldwide marketing mission. Same year, patent for dual color loop sandals was granted.


NO. 123 Tzu Li 2nd St., Wu Chi Town, Taichung, Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL: 886 4-26300935  FAX: 886 4-26300936
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